Crossed by Lacey Silks

This book is written in Lacey Silks’ special brand of mystery and intrigue meets romance and sex. I never want her books to end, and I felt the same way about this one.
This is Hunter and Grace’s story.
There was a strong attraction between the two the minute they met. Hunter is a former Navy SEAL employed by Cross Enterprises. Grace is Emma Cross’s best friend. These two carry ample baggage from their former lives that could be the undoing to any potential relationship between them.
Hunter had been working undercover when he shows up at Grace’s salon looking like he hadn’t bathed or combed his hair in quite some time. When she discovers the Hunter beneath all the grime and tangle of hair, the sparks really ignite.
As the story unfolds, you’ll learn about Grace’s dysfunctional family and why Hunter needs to protect her from them. Without giving anything away, I just want to say this book is an incredible story that keeps us connected in some way to Cross Enterprises we’ve read about and love in her other collection.
This is a must-read for any Lacey Silks fan or a first-time reader of her works. I loved it, and I think you will, too.

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