Fighters Love by L.M. Roberts Happy Release Day!

Fighters Love by my friend and client, L.M. Roberts

Asher Hart is the brother no one wants to mess with. He’s funny, calculated, and the biggest Fighter's Love by L.M. Robertsmofo you’ve ever seen. Being an MMA fighter/trainer, there was no other way he lived his life. His family always came first and he was second, in all things—until her—the bane of his existence, Maryssa Davenport..
No one ever told Maryssa Davenport that she would be fighting with everything left in her body for the man she had grown to love. That she would have to put her own wants and needs to the side in order to take care of him. Asher Hart is the love of her life, and she would do anything and everything to bring him back to her. Even relive the pain of the past to do it. What happens when it feels like everything around you is falling apart; when nothing you do brings the person you love closer to you?
You fight! And you fight hard.

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