Highland Tides by Chance

I’m honored to have had a part in this book. A wonderful read from start to finish!
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Anna’s best friend was her sister Elle. When the unexpected happens, Anna decides to go through with the trip as planned.
Nothing very exciting ever happened to Anna until she woke up wet, covered in sand, and with a man standing above her.
He is tall. He is strong. He is very handsome.
He makes her mouth water and her body quiver.
Everything has changed,
for better or worse.

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–Reader on Amazon

Format: Kindle Edition

This is the second book in the Highland Chance series. Highlander Hamish finds modern girl Anna washed up on the shore after she falls overboard from a cruise ship. He is intrigued by Anna’s confident manner but someone else also saw Anna on the beach and will stop at nothing until he claims for himself. Will Hamish rescue Anna from the clutches of the evil villain and if he does, is willing to leave her old life behind and take a second chance at life? You’ll have to read the book for yourself to find out.

–Reader on Amazon

Format: Kindle Edition

I like how this story went thru time and back again. Very suspenseful in places. I just wanted to keep reading. My only issue is with the ending. It leaves you hanging. I have come to several conclusions in my mind. Guess I will have to wait for the next book

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