Ten years ago Kara Vanderbilt was abducted and tortured for four days. She fought her way out of the hands of a sadistic madman and struggled to safety, nearly dying in the process, only to have her world shattered once safely home. Fleeing her family home and the only person who loves her, she tries to start over, but distance does not heal all wounds.
Kara goes home seeking closure and gets sucked into a murder case that sounds eerily familiar. But the similarities must be a coincidence because the person responsible all those years ago died in a fiery crash. With her life in turmoil, Kara meets a man she can start a life with. But will it be too late? With the help of Detective Caleb Montgomery, Kara races to find the killer before he finishes the job that was started all those years ago.
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  MEET THE AUTHOR:Picture of Author, Melissa Sinclair
Melissa Sinclair lives in Wisconsin with her husband, three children, and her dog. She has a full-time job that takes too much time away from her three passions: her family, reading, and writing. Her debut novel, In the Night, was published September 1, 2017. She loves romantic suspense, paranormal romance, romance and young adult books. In addition, she loves her wacky children who have three distinct personalities. One is shy at first and incredibly bright, one is willing to help anyone and quietly smart and the other one is funny and full of energy. Her husband is her biggest supporter in this adventure and was willing to let her publish this book the way she wanted.

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