Congratulations, Michelle Fox, on the release of Book 5 in the Huntsville Pack series: THE ALPHA’S BITE!


For werewolf, Adele Fleurgriffe chasing a constant high and being trapped in a vampire blood slave ring was a lot easier than being normal. But she’s trying hard to change her life, to stop using drugs, to be a good guest of the Huntsville Pack and not think too much about the vampire who got under her skin in a way drugs never did.
Vampire Davian Sanglante tried to walk away from Adele once. He’s no good for her, but she keeps showing up and telling him he’s wrong. If she knew his deepest, darkest secret, she would run screaming. The problem is every time he sees Adele, it gets harder and harder to push her away…no matter how much danger that puts her in.
Full-length shapeshifter, vampire paranormal romance novel. Standalone. No cliffhanger.
Note: While you don’t have to, you’ll have more fun if you read The Alpha’s Fight before this because that’s where we first meet Adele and Davian.


The theme of addiction started showing up, unplanned, in The Alpha’s Justice. By The Alpha’s Fight, I was deep into exploring addiction in a world of vampires and shifters and figuring out how that affected their lives. With The Alpha’s Bite, I sought redemption and healing for my characters.

While I’ve not struggled with addiction myself, I know many who have and recovery is a crucible that tears you up before it rebuilds you anew. It’s a sacred journey and a path I hope everyone who needs it can find.
As far as actually writing The Alpha’s Bite, it was a serious challenge. I wrote through a root canal, parents almost dying and being life-flighted from one ICU to the next, other parents moving in to live with us, and then I broke my elbow! It was tough to be creative through all that, but I managed somehow.
I really loved writing about the vampire dark cities and that’s something I hope to write more about in the future. Adele is the heroine I wanted her to be, strong and slowly coming into her own as the story progresses. And Davian surprised me. I hadn’t planned on giving him much stage time, but he showed up and demanded almost a hundred pages just to himself. I think he proved he was worth it, but you’ll have to tell me.
I hope you enjoy The Alpha’s Bite. I am eager to read your reviews and find out what you think of Adele and Davian. Writing is lonely work and reviews are my office water cooler. Strange, but true. I hope you’ll come “chat” with me when you’re done reading.

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Her hand cupped my face and I turned into her palm, kissing the sensitive skin there. She started to speak again, but I covered her mouth with mine, wanting to cut off further questions. I didn’t owe her my past and my demons were too heavy to share without consequence.
She sighed and moaned into my lips. My body stirred and my senses spun. She smelled like a forest on a hot day, a mix of sunlight and pine and fresh grass tinged with lilac. I hadn’t been so close to the sun since I’d been turned.
Unable to contain myself, my hands roamed under her shirt, cupping her breasts. She pulled away and yanked off my dress shirt, tossing it to the floor. Her beautiful breasts sprang free, begging to be touched.
I couldn’t say no. Her body was a lure made of heat and blood. I needed more.
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