“SIX” of the Count to Ten series by Jane Blythe is Coming Soon

Five is currently on sale for only $0.99 until Six (which is also $0.99) releases on July 30th!!

Link – http://myBook.to/FiveCountToTen


Innocent victim or crazy liar?

At the hospital Laura Xander bumps into a teenager who
claims that she and three other girls were kidnapped five years ago. The man whom she alleges abducted her maintains that he is her father and that his daughter is mentally unbalanced. A race against time ensues to prove the girls are kidnap victims before the man who says he’s their father takes them home never to be seen again.

Detective Paige Hood was nearly killed by her stalker four years ago, he stole something from her she can never get back and she’s still trying to come to terms with the ramifications. Now the stalker is back and determined that she will not live to see the morning.

** Warning: Graphic violence and themes of sexual assault/abuse **



Six is up for preorder on amazon!! It is only $0.99 and will stay that price until about a week after it releases! AND Five is also going to be $0.99 during Six’s preorder.

Purchase link – http://mybook.to/SixCountToTen






Can Detective Paige Hood survive her stalker’s attempt to kill her?

Sometimes you have to do something even if it hurts someone you love. Annabelle Englewood just made the biggest decision of her life. She’s moved out of the home she has shared with her boyfriend for the last five years. She’s not sure she made the right choice but she felt like it was something she had to do. Her decision might wind up costing her more than just the man she loves, it might also take her freedom and her life.

A woman disappears without a trace. Another four women vanish on the same night. The case takes a personal turn for Detective Xavier Montague when his estranged girlfriend, Annabelle, also goes missing. Is her disappearance related? Is someone else responsible? Or did she simply walk away from her life of her own volition?

** Warning: Graphic violence and themes of sexual assault/abuse **






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